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Winerackers Wine Rack Suite

Contemporary Wine Racks

The Winerackers contemporary range is a compact simple design made with pure NZ natural pine diamond rails with black steel bracing. They can be supplied in charcoal coloured stain or natural colour and multiple sizes

Custom Wine Racks

Our Custom Range is where we create our non standard range and this will change from time to time. We welcome your inputs and ideas as well. We manufacture locally and have a very quick turnaround, so drop us a note and we will see what we can do.

Wine Bin Range

The Winerackers Box range is our approach to freestyle modular combinations that enable creative mixing and matching across our range to create a funky display wine rack or start of a cellar. They come in a range of sizes. Manufactured locally from pure NZ natural pine

Wine Rack Accessories

Fun products to combine with your wine racking & hospitality aspirations.

As we come across related items to wine racking and hospitality we will add them into this collection.

We will only list what we have in stock while delivery is a moving feast. Imported drop shipping is fraught with risk and delays, so we are avoiding this for now.

From Wine Racks to Wine Cellars

Bring us your ideas, we at Winerackers love exploring designs and sharing ideas.